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Nebraska is an expansive state with heterogeneous rural and urban populations that present unique challenges in care delivery. Accordingly, it is also home to neurologists and advanced practice providers practicing via a variety of models, including teleneurology, locum tenens, private practice, and academic practice. The Nebraska Neurological Society, a branch of the Nebraska Medical Association, was started in 2020 by neurologists from these diverse practice settings who recognized the potential of collaboration in serving the state’s specific neurological needs. Initial priorities included promoting collaboration, professional & patient education, and advocacy at the state level to enact positive change relevant to neurologists and the care of neurological patients.



Laura Danielson, MD

Vice president

Subin Mathew, MD

Past president

Michael Pichler, MD

Members at Large

Elizabeth Hartman, MD

Annaliese Bosco, MD

Melinda Burnett, MD

Vishal Jani, MBBS

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Subin Mathew, MD

Laura Danielson, MD


Elizabeth Traynor, MD

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Melinda Burnett, MD

Elizabeth Hartman, MD

Subin Mathew, MD


Geetanjali Rathore, MD


David Warren, PhD

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Mittal Prajapati, MD